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Many people want to make a start on their fitness journey's but come up against many barriers. This blog looks at the most common barriers I hear and how to overcome them. If you're sat there reading this and you're one of the people who feels like you can't make a start I urge you to please carry on reading.

I don't have enough time to exercise (The most common barrier I hear)

Making time to exercise can be difficult, life gets busy. Use a little creativity to get the most out of your day.

  • Squeeze in short walks throughout the day. If you don't have time for a full workout, don't worry about it. Any amount of activity is better than none at all. Shorter bursts of exercise, such as taking short walk breaks a few times during the day, offer benefits too. Aim to work your way up to exercising about 30 minutes on most days of the week.

  • Get up earlier. If your days are busy and the evening hours are filled with looking after the kids, get up 30 minutes earlier a few times a week to exercise. Once you've adjusted to early-morning workouts, increase the number of days you get up earlier to exercise.

  • Drive less, walk more. When going to the supermarket park your car as far away from the shop as you can so you are getting in those extra steps. If you're living in the city, rather than getting public transport. Leave a little bit earlier and walk.

  • Switch up your weekend activities. Your weekend activities may usually consist of going to the cinema or visiting the pub. Try and shake things up by organising a family bike ride or walk in the park to increase that weekly energy expenditure.

I find exercise is boring

It's natural to grow weary of a repetitive workout day after day, especially when you're going it alone. But exercise doesn't have to be boring. See below a few ways to mix things up and keep you on your toes when it comes to your workout routine.

  • Choose activities you enjoy. You'll be more likely to stay interested. Remember, anything that gets you moving counts.

  • Mix up your routine. Rotate among several activities — such as walking, swimming, yoga and spinning. This will keep the body guessing whilst also conditioning different muscle groups.

  • Join forces. Exercise with friends, relatives, neighbours or co-workers. You'll enjoy the camaraderie and the group's encouragement. If you've got a competitive side then this will only push you further and help improve your fitness gains.

  • Explore new options. Learn new skills while getting in a workout. Check out different exercise classes. The variety out there is endless. Especially now with online and in person classes.

I'm too tired to exercise after work

Another common barrier I hear and one that is probably the easiest to get past.No energy to exercise? Without exercise, you'll have no energy. It's a vicious cycle. But breaking the cycle with physical activity is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. And over time, exercise can help improve your sleep quality and your energy levels.

  • Try a morning dose of exercise. Remember the suggestion to get up 30 minutes earlier to exercise? Hop on the treadmill or stationary bicycle while you listen to the radio or watch the morning news. Or step outside for a brisk walk with the dog or by yourself.

  • Make lunchtime count. Keep a pair of walking shoes at your desk, and take a brisk walk during your lunch break.

I've tried to exercise in the past and failed

Don't give up. Reevaluate what went wrong, and learn from your mistakes. Although you can't always see visible changes when you lower your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease, you can make a positive impact in your health through regular exercise.

  • Pace yourself. Start small and build up to more-intense workouts later, when your body is ready.

  • Set realistic goals. Don't promise yourself you're going to work out for an hour every day, and then get down on yourself when you fall short. Stick with manageable goals you can achieve, such as exercising 20 minutes a day, three days a week for the first month.

  • Remember why you're exercising. Use your personal fitness goals as motivation, and reward yourself as you meet your goals.

  • Get and online coach. I've helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals by giving them direction and structure to their training. You don't want to have to think about what exercise you need to do? Online coaching is the perfect way to have everything done for you. You just need to turn up and do the session. With expert advice and guidance all the way this is a great way to get back into exercising.

Help and Advice

If you’re looking for any advice on the above blog or are looking for guidance and motivation through online coaching please drop me an email on to find out more information on how we can help you. Just like we’re helping hundred’s of other individuals become a fitter, healthier version of themselves. Alternatively go to this link to set up a consultation call.

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