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My top 5 exercises for growing a more rounded chest

So you walk into the gym at peak time and I can guarantee all the bench presses are taken. Everybody loves training chest! I know I do. It’s a great feeling leaving the gym, finishing your session with a great pump. So here’s my top 5 exercises to use to help build that rounded chest that all the movie stars seem to have.


Main Muscles Targeted: Pectoralis Major and Minor


The most popular chest day exercise, rightly regarded as one of the best chest exercises for mass. The barbell bench press recruits muscles fibres from the entire chest, alongside assistance from the anterior deltoid (shoulder) and triceps.

Utilising the barbell for the bench press allows the muscle groups to work as one, moving the bar away from the torso before controlling the eccentric portion of the rep. The barbell also allows more weight to be added to the bar, compared to a flat dumbbell bench press, making it an excellent exercise for increasing overall strength and power.

Tip: ladies look to bring your grip narrower and elbows in to target the triceps as well as the chest. Anyone with a shoulder injury can also do this to take the strain off of your shoulders.

If you’re looking for muscle growth aim for between 10-12 reps and complete 4 sets


Primary Muscles Targeted: Pectoralis Major and Clavicular Head


A staple exercise when targeting the upper portions of the chest. Utilising the incline dumbbell press still targets the pectoralis major, but with an increased emphasis on the clavicular head (upper part of the chest).

The upper section of the chest can sometimes lack growth in comparison to the pectoralis major, especially amongst beginners in strength training. So, incorporating this exercise in your workouts will promote a well-developed chest.

If you’re looking for muscle growth aim for between 10-12 reps and complete 4 sets


Primary Muscles Targeted: Pectoralis Major and Triceps Brachii


Yes I know the name states triceps but this is a great chest exercise as well. Plus working with only bodyweight means it’s accessible to all. L

Requiring a significant amount of strength, beginners can build strength and confidence from the use of assisted dip machines or resistance bands. Alternatively, to progress the movement and increase strength, weighted dips can be performed by adding a dumbbell between your legs or wearing a weight belt.

TIP: Leaning forward during the exercise will place more emphasis on the chest. Keeping the torso upright will result in more of the triceps being used.


Cable machines offer a wide range of exercise options depending on the position of the pulleys. Setting the pulleys higher will put more emphasis on the lower chest while setting them lower emphasises the upper chest.

  1. Position the pulleys above the head. Attach one handle to each pulley and then select the desired weight.

  2. Take one handle in each hand with the palms facing down. Stand in the middle of the cable machine and take a few steps forward to put a little tension on the cables.

  3. Step one foot forward.

  4. Lean forward.

  5. Extend the arms out to the side but keep a slight bend in the elbows. Do not let the elbows move behind the shoulders.

  6. On the exhale, bring the hands together in front of the body.

  7. Return to the starting position by slowly

Perform 3 sets of 15-20 reps at the of your session to really get a burn in your chest. This exercise will leave you with a great pump.


Target muscles: Lower chest

How to do it: Set a bench to a decline angle and take a dumbbell in each hand. If it’s a steep decline angle. If your bench doesn’t have pads, lessen the decline and keep your feet planted on the floor. Position your hands shoulder-width apart and start with your arms extended straight up with a pronated grip. Squeeze your pecs and lower just one arm down under control, pausing briefly at the bottom position, then press up until the arm is extended again. Complete the desired reps on the same arm, making sure the other is completely locked out the entire time, and your pecs are engaged. Switch sides after all reps are done.

Why it’s effective: The one-arm decline dumbbell bench press places the central nervous system under stress, raising your heart rate and turning this strength exercise into a conditioning one to create a lean yet pumped-up physique.

Help and Advice

If you’re looking for any advice on the above blog or are looking for guidance and motivation through online coaching please drop me an email on to find out more information on how we can help you. Just like we’re helping hundred’s of other individuals become a fitter, healthier version of themselves. Alternatively go to this link to set up a consultation call.

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