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Spicy Asian prawn salad with mango

Preparation Time

15 min

Cooking Time

10 min


14 pcs. (165 g) Prawns, raw, frozen

50 g Mango, frozen ¼ pc.

35 g Avocado, ripe

30 g Edamame, cooked and peeled, frozen 1 ½ pc.

25 g Spring onion

25 g Rice noodles

1-4 tsp Red chilli pepper, raw, chopped

1-3 Pc Garlic clove, pressed

1-5 Stem/Sprig Coriander, fresh

1-3 Second Cooking spray

1-5 tsp Lime juice

2-5 tsps Hoisin sauce

1/2-2 tspSoy sauce


1. Thaw the prawns, edamame beans and mango. Cook the rice noodles according to the instructions on the packet.

2. Cut the avocado in half and remove the stone. Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh and slice it. Rinse and slice the spring onions. Rinse and chop the coriander.

3. Mix the lime juice with the soy sauce, hoisin sauce and half of the chilli to make a dressing. Add a splash of water and season to taste.

4. Heat a frying pan with cooking spray over a medium heat. Fry the prawns with the garlic, salt, and the rest of the chilli for a few minutes until they turn pink and are no longer translucent. Take care not to overcook them as they can become chewy.

5. Mix the noodles with the mango, avocado, spring onion, dressing and edamame. Top with the prawns, fresh coriander and season with a little salt. Enjoy!

Help and Advice

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